New Playlist Feature


We now have a great new feature enabling all subscribers to create your very own playlists.
As we have 1000's of videos, this playlist feature is a great, quick and easy way to organize and view the movies you like best and access quickly anytime on any of your devices.

To use this:

1. Click/tap on the 'Playlist' link at the top right of page once logged in.
2. Create your playlist by giving it a name and then click/tap 'Add Playlist'. You can create as many playlists as you like so you could have a 'Mature' playlist, 'Facial' playlist etc.
3. Browse the site as normal. Under each video an 'Add to Playlist' button will be visible.
4. Click or tap 'Add to Playlist' button to add the video to a particular playlist you have created.
5. Once you have created a playlist, hit the 'Playlist' link at top right again and select any video.
6. Underneath each video you will now see a dropdown of all the videos you have added to that playlist and a 'Prev / Next' button for easier navigation.